Network Attack and Protection网络攻击与防护

Network Attack and Protection

Course Title: Network Attack and Protection
Course Type: Compulsory course
Credit: 2            Total Credit Hours: 32
Students: Undergraduate students majoring in information security
Prerequisites: Computer network, Computer organization and architecture
Evaluation Method: Course participation + written exams
Course Description:

The course “Network Attack and Protection”, is a compulsory course of 32 class hours for information security majors.

Cyberspace now has become the “fifth space” for human activities beyond land, sea, air and sky. Infrastructure in important areas of the country such as politics, economy, culture, society, and the military is becoming increasingly closely linked to cyberspace. Cyber security, with its direct impact on national security, has become an important part of the national security system. To ensure implementation of “General National Security system” and maintenance of security in the non-traditional field of cyberspace, professional talents are the key. At present, specialist in cyberspace security is in great demand,especially those with practical skills.

The course is aimed in cultivating in learners’ practical capacity based on their’ grasp of the basic theoretical knowledge of information security. It is characterized by its strength in practice-oriented instruction for undergraduates majoring in information security in their third or fourth year. In this course, methods and principles related to network attack and protection will be explored based on such main topics as  network security situation analysis, network security threat analysis, and network attack prevention practice. At the end of this course, learners are expected to be able to understand the common security threats and attack methods in the network; master the basic concepts, theories and methods of network defense technology; identify and respond to unusual phenomenon in cyberspace;

Being able to do what is mentioned above will well prepare students for their future job in network security, network management and information insurance etc.

Recommended Textbooks/References:

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  2. Niu Shaozhang, Cui Baojiang, Li Jian (ed.). Information security conspectus (Third edition), Beijing: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Press, October 2016.


学分: 2   总学时: 32
考核形式: 平时成绩+考试





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  1. 《网络攻击与防护》实验1


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